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suffer / sufrir
suffer   [ˈsʌfər]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=experience)
[+pain, hardship]   sufrir,   padecer
[+loss, decline, setback]   sufrir,   experimentar
·to suffer a heart attack
·sufrir un infarto
·the peace process has suffered a serious blow
·el proceso de paz ha sufrido or experimentado un serio contratiempo
·to suffer the same fate as
·sufrir la misma suerte que
·to suffer the consequences
·sufrir las consecuencias
2. (=tolerate)
[+opposition, rudeness]   soportar,   aguantar
·I can't suffer it a moment longer
·no lo soporto or aguanto un minuto masculineánoun
·to suffer somebody [to] do something
(literature)   permitir que somebody, someone haga algo
a. he/she doesn't suffer fools gladly   no soporta a los imbéciles
B. -intransitive verb
1. (=experience pain)   sufrir
a. to suffer [for] something =   sufrir las consecuencias de algo
·you'll suffer for this!
·¡me las pagaránoun!
·I'll make him suffer for it!
·¡me las pagará!
·to suffer for one'noun sins
·expiar sus pecados
b. to [make] somebody suffer =   hacer sufrir a somebody, someone
c. to suffer in [silence] =   sufrir en silencio
2. to suffer [from] something
·the house is suffering from neglect
·la casa está en un cierto estado de abandono
·Madrid suffers from overcrowding
·Madrid adolece de superpoblaciónoun
·to suffer from an illness
·padecer una enfermedad
·they were suffering from shock
·se encontraban en estado de shock
·to suffer from the effects of alcohol
·sufrir los efectos del alcohol
·to suffer from the effects of a fall
·resentirse de una caída
3. (=worsen)
[studies, business, eyesight, health]   verse afectado,   resentirse
·sales have suffered badly
·las ventas se han visto afectadas seriamente
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