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sucker / ventosa
sucker   [ˈsʌkər]
A. -noun
1. (zoology, technical)   ventosa (f)   (botany)   serpollo (m),   mamónoun (m)
2. (United States)
(=lollipop)   pirulí (m),   chupete (m) Latin America
3. *
(=gullible person)   primo (m) / prima (f),   bobo (m) / boba (f)
·there'noun a sucker born every minute
·nace un primo or un bobo cada minuto
·he'noun a sucker [for] a pretty girl
*   no puede resistirse a una chica guapa
B. -transitive verb
(United States)   **
·to sucker somebody [into] doing something
·embaucar a somebody, someone para que haga algo
·they suckered him [out of] six grand
·le estafaron or timaron 6.000 dólares
C. -compound
·sucker pad   -noun   ventosa (f)
·sucker punch   -noun   (Boxing, also figurative)   golpe (m) a traiciónoun
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