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subscription / subscripción
subscription   [səbˈskrɪpʃən]
A. -noun
1. (=act of subscribing)   (to magazine, newspaper)   su(b)scripciónoun (f)   (to club, telephone service, pay television)   abono (m)   (to e-mail provider)   conexiónoun (f)
2. (=fee)   (to magazine, newspaper, pay television, e-mail provider)   su(b)scripciónoun (f),   tarifa (f) de su(b)scripciónoun   (to club)   cuota (f)
·to pay one'noun subscription
(monthly, annually etcetera)
(to magazine, newspaper)   pagar la su(b)scripciónoun   (to pay television)   pagar el abono or la cuota de abono   (to club)   pagar la cuota
·annual or yearly subscription
(to magazine, journal)   su(b)scripciónoun (f) anual   (to club)   cuota (f) anual
·by public subscription
·con donativos (de particulares)
·to take out a subscription to something
(to club, pay television, telephone service)   abonarse a algo   (to magazine, newspaper)   su(b)scribirse a algo
B. -compound
·subscription fee   -noun   (for magazine, e-mail, pay television)   tarifa (f) de su(b)scripciónoun   (for club membership, telephone service)   cuota (f)
·subscription form   -noun   hoja (f) de su(b)scripciónoun
·subscription rate   -noun   tarifa (f) de su(b)scripciónoun
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