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submit / presentar
submit   [səbˈmɪt]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=put forward)
[+proposal, claim, report]   presentar
[+evidence]   presentar,   aducir
[+account]   rendir
·to submit that ...
·proponer que ...,   sugerir que ...
·I submit that ...
·me permito sugerir que ...
·to submit a play to the censor
·someter una obra a la censura
·to submit a dispute to arbitration
·someter una disputa a arbitraje
2. (=subject)   someter
·to submit o.noun. to something
·someterse a algo
·to submit o.noun. to somebody
·someterse a somebody, someone
B. -intransitive verb
(=give in)   rendirse,   someterse
·to submit to something
·someterse a algo
·he refused to submit to drugs tests
·se negativeó a someterse a la prueba del doping
·to submit to authority
·someterse a la autoridad
·to submit to pressure
·ceder ante la presiónoun
·he had to submit to this indignity
·tuvo que aguantar esta afrenta
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