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subject / tema
A. [ˈsʌbdȝɪkt]   -noun
1. (=topic, theme)   tema (m)
(=plot)   argumento (m),   asunto (m)
a. to [change] the subject =   cambiar de tema
·let'noun change the subject
·cambiemos de tema
·changing the subject ...
·hablando de otra cosa ...,   cambiando de tema ...
b. it'noun a [delicate] subject =   es un asunto delicado
c. [on] the subject of ... =   a propósito de ...
·(while we're) on the subject of money ...
·ya que de dinero se trata ...
d. this [raises] the whole subject of money =   esto plantea el problema general del dinero
2. (school, university)   asignatura (f)
3. (grammar)   sujeto (m)
4. (medicine)   caso (m)
·he'noun a nervous subject
·es un caso nervioso
5. (science)
·guinea pigs make excellent subjects
los conejillos son materia excelente para los experimentos etcetera
6. (especially British, Great Britain)   (politics)   nounúbdito (m) / nounúbdita (f)
·British subject
nounúbditoa masculine/feminine británicoa
·liberty of the subject
libertad (f) del ciudadano
B. [ˈsʌbdȝɪkt]
1. [people, nation]   dominado,   subyugado
2. ·subject to
(=liable to)
[+law, tax, delays]   sujeto a
[+disease]   propenso a
[+flooding]   expuesto a
(=conditional on)
[+approval etcetera]   sujeto a
·these prices are subject to change without notice
·estos precios estánoun sujetos a cambio sin previo aviso
·subject to correction
·bajo correcciónoun
·subject to confirmation in writing
·sujeto a confirmaciónoun por escrito
C. [səbˈdȝekt]
-transitive verb
·to subject somebody to something
·someter a somebody, someone a algo
·to subject a book to criticism
·someter un libro a la crítica
·to be subjected to inquiry
·ser sometido a una investigaciónoun
·I will not be subjected to this questioning
·no tolero este interrogatorio or esta interrogaciónoun
·she was subjected to much indignity
·tuvo que aguantar muchas afrentas
D. [ˈsʌbdȝɪkt]
·subject heading   -noun   título (m) de materia
·subject index   -noun   (in book)   índice (m) de materias   (in library)   catálogo (m) de materias
·subject matter   -noun
(=topic)   tema (m),   asunto (m)
a. [of letter]   contenido (m)
·subject pronoun   -noun   pronombre (m) (de) sujeto
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