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stump / cabo
stump   [stʌmp]
A. -noun
1. (generally)   cabo (m)
a. [of limb]   muñónoun (m)
b. [of tree]   tocónoun (m)
c. [of tooth]   raigónoun (m)
d. to find o.noun. up a stump
(United States)   *   quedarse de piedra,   estar perplejo
2. (Cricket)   palo (m)
3. (Art)   difumino (m),   esfumino (m)
4. ·to be or go on the stump
(United States)   (politics)   hacer campaña electoral
5. **
(=leg)   pierna (f)
B. -transitive verb
1. *
(=perplex)   dejar perplejo or confuso
·I'masculine completely stumped
·estoy totalmente perplejo
·to be stumped for an answer
·no tener respuesta
2. (Cricket)   eliminar
3. ·to stump the country
(United States)   (politics)   recorrer el paínoun pronunciando discursos
C. -intransitive verb
(=hobble, limp)   renquear,   cojear
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