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strongly / de constitución fuerte {or} robusta
strongly   [ˈstrɒŋlɪ]   -adverb
1. (=sturdily)
·strongly [built]
[person]   de constituciónoun fuerte or robusta
·strongly [constructed] or [made] or [built]
[furniture, structure]   de construcciónoun nounólida
2. (=firmly)
[recommend, advise]   encarecidamente
[believe, suspect]   firmemente
·I would strongly urge you to reconsider
·le ruego encarecidamente que recapacite
·I [feel] very strongly that ...
·creo firmemente que ...
·I strongly disagree with the decision
·estoy totalmente en desacuerdo con la decisiónoun
·he is a man with strongly [held] views
·es un hombre de convicciones firmes
·strongly [recommended]
[book, film]   muy recomendado
3. (=vehemently)
3.1. (with verb)
[criticize]   duramente
[oppose, support, protest, react]   enérgicamente
[deny]   tajantemente,   rotundamente
[defend, argue]   firmemente
·a strongly worded letter
·una carta subida de tono
3.2. (with adjective, preposition)
·the mood here is still very strongly anti-British
·el clima aquí continúa siendo profundamente antibritánico
a. to be strongly [against] or [opposed] to something =   estar totalmente en contra de algo,   oponerse enérgicamente a algo
b. to be strongly [critical] of something/somebody =   criticar duramente algo/a somebody, someone
c. to be strongly [in favour of] something =   estar totalmente a favor de algo
4. (=powerfully)
[indicate]   claramente
a. she was strongly [attracted] to him =   sentía una fuerte atracciónoun hacia él,   se sentía fuertemente atraída hacia él
b. if you [feel] strongly about this issue ... =   si este tema te parece que es importante ...
c. his early works were strongly [influenced] by jazz =   sus primeras obras estaban muy influenciadas por el jazz
d. he [reminds] me strongly of his uncle =   me recuerda mucho a su tío
e. to [smell]/[taste] strongly of something =   tener un fuerte olor/sabor a algo,   oler/saber mucho a algo
f. I'masculine strongly [tempted] to accompany you =   me siento muy tentado a acompañarte
g. she is strongly [tipped] to become party leader =   es una de las favoritas para convertirse en líder del partido
5. (=prominently)
a. to [feature] or [figure] strongly in something =   ocupar un lugar destacado or prominente en algo
·two stories feature strongly in today'noun papers
·hay dos noticias que ocupan un lugar destacado or prominente en los periódicos de hoy
·fish features strongly in the Japanese diet
·el pescado ocupa un lugar destacado or prominente en la dieta japonesa
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