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strip / tira
strip   [strɪp]
A. -noun
1. [of paper etcetera]   tira (f)
b. [of metal]   fleje (m)
c. to tear somebody off a strip   *
d. tear a strip off somebody   *   echar una bronca a somebody, someone *
2. [of land]   franja (f),   faja (f)   (aeronautics)
(=landing strip)   pista (f)
3. (British, Great Britain)   (football etcetera)
(=clothes)   uniforme (m)
(=colours)   colores masculine plural
4. *
(=striptease)   striptease (m),   despelote (m) / despelote masculine (f)
·to do a strip
·desnudarse,   hacer un striptease,   despelotarse *
5. (=strip cartoon)   tira (f)
B. -transitive verb
1. [+person]   desnudar
·to strip somebody naked
·desnudar a somebody, someone completamente,   dejar a somebody, someone en cueros *
·to strip somebody to the skin
dejar a somebody, someone en cueros *
2. [+bed]   quitar la ropa de
[+wall]   desempapelar
[+wallpaper]   quitar
·to strip the bark off something
·descortezar algo
3. (=deprive)
·to strip somebody of something
·despojar a somebody, someone de algo
·to strip a house of its furniture
·dejar una casa sin muebles
·to strip a company of its assets
·despojar a una empresa de su activo
·stripped of all the verbiage, this means ...
·sin toda la palabrería, esto quiere decir ...
4. (technical)
4.1. also strip down
[+engine]   desmontar
4.2. (=damage)
[+gears]   estropear
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=undress)   desnudarse
·to strip naked or to the skin
·quitarse toda la ropa
·to strip to the waist
·desnudarse hasta la cintura
2. (=do striptease)   hacer striptease
D. -compound
·strip cartoon   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   tira (f) cómica,   historieta (f),   caricatura (f) Latin America
·strip club   -noun   club (m) de striptease
·strip joint   *   -noun
(especially United States)   strip club
·strip light   -noun   lámpara (f) fluorescente
·strip lighting   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   alumbrado (m) fluorescente,   alumbrado (m) de tubos
·strip mine   -noun
(United States)   mina (f) a cielo abierto
·strip mining   -noun
(United States)   minería (f) a cielo abierto
·strip poker   -noun   strip póker (m)
·strip search   -noun   registro (m) integral
·strip show   -noun   espectáculo (m) de striptease
·strip wash   -noun   lavado (m) por completo
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