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street / calle
street   [stri:t]
A. -noun   calle (f),   jirónoun (m) Peru
·he lives in or on the High Street
·vive en la Calle Mayor
·to be on the streets
(=homeless)   estar sin vivienda   euphemism   (as prostitute)   hacer la calle
a. to be streets ahead of somebody
(British, Great Britain)   *   adelantarle por mucho a somebody, someone
·we are streets ahead of them in design
·les damos ciento y raya en el diseño
b. they're streets apart
(British, Great Britain)   *   los separa un abismo
c. they're not in the same street as us
(British, Great Britain)   *   no estánoun a nuestra altura,   no admiten comparaciónoun con nosotros
d. it'noun right up my street
(British, Great Britain)   *   esto es lo que me va,   esto es lo masculineío
B. -compound
·street arab     -noun   golfo (m),   chicuelo (m) de la calle
·street cleaner   -noun   barrendero (m) / barrendera (f)
·street corner   -noun   esquina (f) (de la calle)
·street cred   *
·street credibility   -noun   dominio (m) de la contracultura urbana
·street door   -noun   puerta (f) principal,   puerta (f) de la calle
·street fight   -noun   pelea (f) callejera
·street fighting   -noun   peleas feminine plural callejeras
·street lamp   -noun   farola (f),   faro (m) Latin America
·street level   -noun
·at street level
·en el nivel de la calle
·street light   -noun   street lamp
·street lighting   -noun   alumbrado (m) público
·street map   -noun   plano (m) (de la ciudad)
·street market   -noun   mercado (m) callejero,   tianguis (m) Mexico,   feria (f) Latin America
·street musician   -noun   masculineúsico (m) ambulante
·street photographer   -noun   fotógrafo (m) callejero
·street plan   -noun   plano (m),   callejero (m)
·street sweeper   -noun   barrendero (m) / barrendera (f)
·street theatre   -noun   teatro (m) en la calle,   teatro (m) de calle
·street urchin   -noun   golfo (m),   chicuelo (m) de la calle
·street value   -noun   valor (m) en la calle
·street vendor   -noun
(United States)   vendedora masculine and feminine callejeroa
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