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store / reserva
store   [stɔ:r]
A. -noun
1. (=supply, stock)
1.1. [of food, candles, paper]   reserva (f)
b. to [have] or [keep] something in store =   tener algo en reserva
·to [keep] a store of something
·tener una reserva de algo
c. to [lay in] a store of something =   hacer una reserva de algo,   proveerse de algo
1.2. (figurative)
a. [of jokes, stories]   repertorio (m)
b. [of information]   cúmulo (m)
·he has a vast store of dirty jokes
·tiene un repertorio enorme de chistes verdes
·he possessed a vast store of knowledge
·tenía una cultura muy amplia
·the company has a great store of expertise
·la compañía cuenta con una multitud de gente competente
c. to be [in] store for somebody   (figurative)   aguardar a somebody, someone
·you never know what'noun in store (for you)
·nunca se sabe lo que le aguarda a uno
·little did I know what the future had in store
·qué poco sabía lo que nos deparaba el futuro
·there'noun a surprise in store for you!
·¡te espera una sorpresa!
d. to [set] great/little store by something =   tener algo en mucho/poco,   dar mucho/poco valor a algo
·I wouldn't set much store by that
·yo no le daría mucho valor
2. (=depository)   almacénoun (m),   depósito (m)
·to put something [in(to)] store
(in a warehouse)   almacenar algo   (in a furniture store)   llevar algo a un guardamuebles
·to be [in] store
(in a warehouse)   estar en un almacénoun   (in a furniture store)   estar en un guardamuebles
·[furniture] store
guardamuebles masculine invariable
3. stores
(=provisions)   provisiones feminine plural,   existencias feminine plural   (especially military)
(=equipment)   pertrechos masculine plural
4. (=shop)
4.1. (especially United States)
a. [of any size]   tienda (f)
·record store
tienda (f) de discos
·book store
librería (f)
·hardware store
ferretería (f)
b. to mind the store
(United States)   *   cuidar de los asuntos
4.2. also department store   grandes almacenes masculine plural
·he owns a store in Oxford Street
·es propietario de unos grandes almacenes en Oxford Street
B. -transitive verb
1. (=keep, collect)
1.1. (generally)
[+food]   conservar,   guardar
[+water, fuel, electricity]   almacenar
[+heat]   acumular
[+documents]   archivar
·store in an airtight tin
·consérvense en un frasco hermético
·avoid storing food for too long
·evite tener la comida guardada durante mucho tiempo
1.2. (computing)
[+information]   almacenar,   guardar   (physiology)
[+fat, energy]   almacenar,   acumular
·where in the brain do we store information about colours?
·¿en qué parte del cerebro almacenamos or guardamos informaciónoun sobre los colores?
2. (=put away)   guardar
·I've got the camping things stored (away) till we need them
·tengo las cosas de acampar guardadas hasta que las necesitemos
3. (=put in depository)
[+furniture]   depositar en un guardamuebles
[+goods, crop, waste]   almacenar
C. -intransitive verb   conservarse
·fruits which won't store (well)
·fruta que no se conserva (bien)
D. -compound
·store card   -noun   tarjeta (f) de compra
·store clerk   -noun
(United States)   dependiente (m) / dependientea (f)
·store cupboard   -noun   despensa (f)
·store detective   -noun   vigilante masculine and feminine jurado de paisano en grandes almacenes
·store manager   -noun   gerente masculine and feminine de tienda de grandes almacenes
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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