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stone / piedra
stone   [stəʊn]
A. -noun
1. (generally)   piedra (f)
(=gravestone)   lápida (f)
(=gemstone)   piedra (f),   gema (f)
a. a stone'noun throw away
b. within a stone'noun throw   a un tiro de piedra
c. to cast the first stone   lanzar la primera piedra
·which of you shall cast the first stone?
·¿cuál de vosotros se atreve a lanzar la primera piedra?
d. to leave no stone unturned   no dejar piedra por mover
e. it isn't cast or set in stone   no es inamovible,   no es para toda la vida
2. (British, Great Britain)
a. [of fruit]   hueso (m)
3. (medicine)   cálculo (m),   piedra (f)   (as complaint)   mal (m) de piedra
4. (British, Great Britain)
(=weight)   6.350kg
·he weighs 12 stone(noun)
·pesa 76 kilos
B. -transitive verb
1. [+person]   apedrear,   lapidar
a. stone me!   **
b. stone the crows!   *   ¡caray! *
2. [+fruit]   deshuesar
C. -compound   de piedra
·the Stone Age   -noun   la Edad de Piedra
·stone pit
·stone quarry   -noun   cantera (f)
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