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steam / vapor
steam   [sti:m]
A. -noun   vapor (m)
·to get up or pick up steam
·dar presiónoun
·full steam ahead!
(nautical)   ¡a todo vapor!
·the ship went on under its own steam
·el buque siguió adelante con sus propios motores
a. to go full steam ahead with something   avanzar a toda marcha con algo
b. to let off steam   desahogarse
c. under one'noun own steam   por sus propios medios or propias fuerzas
d. to run out of steam   quedar sin fuerza
B. -transitive verb
1. (culinary, cooking )   cocer al vapor
2. ·to steam open an envelope
·abrir un sobre con vapor
·to steam a stamp off
·despegar un sello con vapor
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=give off steam)   echar vapor
·the bowl was steaming on the table
·la cacerola humeaba encima de la mesa
2. (=move)
·we were steaming at 12 knots
·íbamos a 12 nudos,   navegábamos a 12 nudos
·to steam ahead
(literally)   avanzar   (figurative)   adelantarse mucho
·to steam along
·avanzar (echando vapor)
·the ship steamed into harbour
·el buque entró al puerto echando vapor
·the train steamed out
·salió el tren
D. -compound
·steam bath   -noun   baño (m) de vapor
·steam engine   -noun   masculineáquina (f) de vapor
·steam hammer   -noun   martillo (m) pilónoun
·steam heat   -noun   calor (m) por vapor
·steam iron   -noun   plancha (f) de vapor
·steam organ   -noun   órgano (m) de vapor
·steam shovel   -noun
(United States)   pala (f) mecánica de vapor,   excavadora (f)
·steam turbine   -noun   turbina (f) de vapor
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