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steady / continuo
steady   [ˈstedɪ]
A. -adjective
steadier   comparative
steadiest   superlative
1. (=continuous)   [decline, increase, improvement, flow]   continuo   [demand, wind, supply]   constante   [rain]   constante,   ininterrumpido   [breathing, beat]   regular   [temperature]   constante,   uniforme
·we were going at a steady 70kph
·íbamos a una velocidad constante de 70kph
·there was a steady downpour for three hours
·llovió durante tres horas ininterrumpidamente or sin parar
a. he plays a very steady [game] =   juega sin altibajos
b. to [hold] or [keep] something steady
[+prices, demand]   mantener algo estable
c. he doesn't have a steady [income] =   no tiene ingresos regulares or estables
d. a steady [job] =   un empleo fijo
e. at a steady [pace] =   a paso regular or constante
f. we have been making steady [progress] =   hemos ido mejorando de forma continuada or constante
g. we have a steady [stream] of visitors =   tenemos un flujo constante de visitantes
2. (=calm)   [voice]   firme   [gaze]   fijo   [nerves]   templado
3. (=firm)   [chair, table]   firme,   seguro   [boat]   estable
a. a steady [hand] =   un pulso firme
b. [hold] the camera steady =   no muevas la cámara
·the unemployment rate is holding steady at 7.3%
·el índice de paro se mantiene estable a un 7,3%
c. to be steady [on] one'noun feet =   caminar con paso seguro
·the car is not very steady on corners
·el coche no es muy estable en las curvas
4. (=reliable)   [person]   formal,   serio
5. (=regular)   [boyfriend, girlfriend]   formal   [relationship]   estable
B. -adverb
1. (in exclamations)
·steady! you're rocking the boat
·¡quieto! estánoun haciendo que se balancee la barca
a. steady as she [goes]!   (nautical)   ¡mantenga el rumbo!
b. steady [on]! there'noun no need to lose your temper =   ¡tranquilo! no hay necesidad de perder los estribos
2. *
a. to [go] steady with somebody =   ser novio formal de somebody, someone
·they're [going] steady
·son novios formales
C. -noun
*   novio (m) / novia (f)
D. -transitive verb
1. (=stabilize)
[+wobbling object]   estabilizar
[+chair, table]   (with hands)   sujetar para que no se mueva   (with wedge)   poner un calzo a (para que no cojee)
·two men steadied the ladder
·dos hombres sujetaron la escalera para que no se moviese
·to steady [o.noun.]
a. to steady o.noun. [against] or [on] something =   recobrar el equilibrio apoyándose en algo
2. (=compose)
[+nervous person]   calmar,   tranquilizar
[+wild person]   apaciguar
[+horse]   tranquilizar
·to steady [o.noun.]
·calmarse,   tranquilizarse
a. she smokes to steady her [nerves] =   fuma para calmar los nervios
b. she breathed in to steady her [voice] =   aspiró para hacer que su voz sonase tranquila
E. -intransitive verb
1. (=stop moving)   dejar de moverse
·the shadows from the lamp steadied
·las sombras que hacía la lámpara dejaron de moverse
2. (=grow calm)
[voice]   calmarse
[prices, market]   estabilizarse,   hacerse masculineánoun estable
a. to have a steadying [influence] on somebody =   ejercer una buena influencia sobre somebody, someone
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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