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stark / austero
stark   [stɑ:k]
A. -adjective
starker   comparative
starkest   superlative
1. (=austere)   [simplicity, colour, beauty, décor, outline]   austero   [conditions]   severo,   duro   [landscape]   inhóspito   [description]   escueto,   sucinto
2. (=harsh)   [reality, poverty]   crudo,   sin adornos   [choice, warning, reminder]   duro
·those are the stark facts of the matter
·ésa es la cruda realidad del asunto
3. (=absolute)   [terror, folly]   absoluto
·to be in stark contrast to something
·contrastar brutalmente con algo
B. -adverb
·stark staring or raving mad
*   loco de remate *
·stark naked
*   en cueros *,   en pelotas **,   encuerado Latin America Latin America,   pilucho Chile Chile,   calato Peru, Bolivia Peru, Bolivia
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