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stamp / sello
stamp   [stæmp]
A. -noun
1. (=postage stamp)   sello (m),   estampilla (f) Latin America
(=fiscal stamp, revenue stamp)   timbre (m),   póliza (f)   (for free food etcetera)   bono (m),   vale (m)
2. (=rubber stamp)   estampilla (f)   (for metal)   cuño (m)
3. (figurative)
(=mark)   sello (m)
·it bears the stamp of genius
·tiene el sello del genio
·to leave or put one'noun stamp on something
·poner or dejar su sello en algo
·a man of his stamp
·un hombre de su temple
pejorative   un hombre de esa calaña
4. (with foot)   taconazo (m)
·with a stamp of her foot
·dando un taconazo
B. -transitive verb
1. ·to stamp one'noun foot
·patear,   patalear   (in dancing)   zapatear
·to stamp the ground
[person]   dar patadas en el suelo
[horse]   piafar
2. [+letter]   sellar,   poner el sello a
·the letter is insufficiently stamped
·la carta no tiene suficientes sellos
3. (=mark with rubber stamp)   marcar con sello
(=mark with fiscal stamp)   timbrar
(=emboss)   grabar
[+passport]   sellar
·they stamped my passport at the frontier
·sellaron mi pasaporte en la frontera
4. (=impress mark etcetera on)   estampar,   imprimir
[+coin, design]   estampar
·paper stamped with one'noun name   papel (m) con el nombre de uno impreso,   papel (m) con membrete
5. (figurative)   marcar,   señalar
·to stamp something on one'noun memory
·grabar algo en la memoria de uno
·his manners stamp him as a gentleman
·sus modales lo señalan como caballero
·to stamp o.noun. on something
·poner or dejar su sello en algo
C. -intransitive verb
1. (single movement)   patear,   patalear
·to stamp on something
·pisotear algo,   hollar algo
·ouch, you stamped on my foot!
·¡ay, me has pisado el pie!
2. (=walk)
·to stamp in/out
·entrar/salir dando fuertes zancadas
·he stamps about the house
·anda por la casa pisando muy fuerte
D. -compound
·stamp album   -noun   álbum (m) de sellos
·stamp book   -noun
(=collection)   albúmasculine (m) de sellos   (for posting)   libro (m) de sellos
·stamp collecting   -noun   filatelia (f)
·stamp collection   -noun   colecciónoun (f) de sellos
·stamp collector   -noun   filatelista masculine and feminine
·stamp dealer   -noun   comerciante masculine and feminine en sellos (de correo)
·stamp duty   -noun   (finance)   impuesto or derecho
·stamp machine   -noun   expendedor (m) automático de sellos (de correo)
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