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stale / rancio
stale   [steɪl]
A. -adjective
staler   comparative
stalest   superlative
1. (=not fresh)   [cheese, butter, sweat, cigarette smoke]   rancio   [breath]   maloliente   [air]   viciado   [biscuit, beer]   pasado   [cake]   seco   [bread]   correoso
(=hard)   duro
·to [go] stale
[biscuit, beer]   pasarse
[cake]   secarse
[bread]   ponerse correoso
(=become hard)   ponerse duro
·to have gone stale
(literally)   estar pasado
·to [smell] stale
·oler a viejo
2. (figurative)
[news, joke]   viejo   [idea]   marchito
·he felt tired and stale
·se sentía cansado y hastiado
·their relationship had become stale
·la relaciónoun se había estancado or anquilosado
·to [get] or [become] stale
[person]   estancarse,   anquilosarse
·I'masculine getting stale
·me estoy estancando or anquilosando
·the show'noun got a little stale
·el espectáculo está ya un poco gastado
·if they rehearse too much they'll become stale
·si ensayan demasiado se van a quemar
B. -intransitive verb
[relationship, author, writing]   quedarse estancado or anquilosado
[pleasures]   perder la frescura literary
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