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stable / estable
stable   1   [ˈsteɪbl]   -adjective
stabler   comparative
stablest   superlative   [relationship, country, situation, substance]   estable   [job]   estable,   permanente   (medicine)   [condition]   estacionario   [blood pressure, weight]   estable,   estacionario   (psychology)   [person, character]   equilibrado
·sterling has remained stable against the franc
·la libra se ha mantenido estable frente al franco
·the weight of the machine makes it very stable
·el peso de la masculineáquina le da estabilidad
·that ladder'noun not very stable
·esa escalera no está muy firme
stable / cuadra
A. -noun
(=building)   cuadra (f),   caballeriza (f)
(=establishment)   cuadra (f)
B. -transitive verb
(=keep in stable)   guardar en una cuadra
(=put in stable)   poner en una cuadra
C. -compound
·stable door   -noun
a. to shut or close the stable door after the horse has bolted   a buenas horas, mangas verdes
·stable lad   -noun   stableboy
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