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spur / espuela
spur   [spɜ:r]
A. -noun
1. (for horse riding)   espuela (f)
a. to win one'noun spurs   pasar pruebas
2. [of cock]   espolónoun (m)
3. (figurative)   estímulo (m),   aguijónoun (m)
·the spur of hunger
·el aguijónoun del hambre
·it will be a spur to further progress
·servirá de estímulo or acicate al progreso
a. on the spur of the moment   sin pensar
·it was a spur of the moment decision
·fue una decisiónoun tomada al instante
4. (geography)
a. [of mountain, hill]   espolónoun (m)
5. (railways)   ramal (m) corto
B. -transitive verb   also spur on
[+horse]   espolear,   picar con las espuelas   (figurative)
·to spur somebody (on) to do something
·incitar a somebody, someone a hacer algo
·this spurred him on to greater efforts
·esto lo animó a hacer mayores esfuerzos
·spurred on by greed
·bajo el aguijónoun de la codicia
C. -compound
·spur gear   -noun   rueda (f) dentada recta
·spur wheel   -noun   engranaje (m) cilíndrico
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