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spit / saliva
spit   1   [spɪt]
spat   verb: past tense   past participle
A. -noun   saliva (f),   esputo (m)
·a few spits of rain
·unas gotas de lluvia
a. spit and polish   *   limpieza (f)
·that table needs a bit of spit and polish
*   esa mesa hay que limpiarla
b. to be the dead spit of somebody   *   ser la viva imagen or el vivo retrato de somebody, someone
B. -transitive verb
1. (literally)
[+blood, crumb]   escupir
2. (=exclaim)   espetar,   soltar
·"traitor!" he spat
·--¡traidor! --espetó or soltó él
·he spat the words
·escupió las palabras
C. -intransitive verb
1. [person]   escupir   (at   a   (on   en)
[cat]   bufar
·to spit in somebody'noun face
·escupir a la cara a somebody, someone
·it'noun spitting with rain
(British, Great Britain)   estánoun cayendo algunas gotas
2. [fat, fire]   chisporrotear
·the fish is spitting in the pan
·chisporrotea el pescado en la sarténoun
spit / asador
A. -noun
1. (culinary, cooking )   asador (m),   espetónoun (m)
2. (geography)
a. [of land]   lengua (f)
(=sandbank)   banco (m) de arena
B. -transitive verb   espetar
C. -compound
·spit roast   -noun   asado (m)
spit / azadada
spit   3   [spɪt]   -noun   (agriculture)   azadada (f)
·to dig three spits deep
·excavar a una profundidad de tres azadadas
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