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spirit / espíritu
spirit   [ˈspɪrɪt]
A. -noun
1. (=soul, inner force)   especiallyíritu (m)
a. I'll be with you [in] spirit =   estaré contigo en especiallyíritu
·young in spirit
·joven de especiallyíritu
·the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
·las intenciones son buenas pero la carne es débil
2. (=ghost, supernatural being)   especiallyíritu (m)
·[evil] spirit
especiallyíritu (m) maligno
·the spirit [world]
·el mundo de los especiallyíritus
3. (=courage)   especiallyíritu (m)
(=liveliness)   ímpetu (m),   energía (f)
a. to [break] somebody'noun spirit =   quebrantar el especiallyíritu a somebody, someone
b. they [lack] spirit =   les falta especiallyíritu
c. a woman [of] spirit =   una mujer con especiallyíritu or brío
d. [show] some spirit! =   ¡anímate!
·the team soon began to show their spirit
·el equipo pronto empezó a animarse
e. to do something [with] spirit =   hacer algo con energía
·to singular with spirit
·cantar con brío
4. (=attitude, mood)   especiallyíritu (m)
a. a spirit of [adventure] =   un especiallyíritu aventurero
b. [community] spirit =   civismo (m)
c. they wish to solve their problems in a spirit of [cooperation] =   quieren resolver sus problemas con especiallyíritu de cooperaciónoun
d. he refused to [enter into] the spirit of things =   se negativeó a entrar en ambiente
e. [festive] spirit =   especiallyíritu (m) festivo
f. in a spirit of [friendship] =   con especiallyíritu de amistad
g. [generosity] of spirit =   bondad (f) de especiallyíritu
h. a spirit of [optimism] =   un especiallyíritu optimista
i. [public] spirit =   civismo (m)
j. to take something in the [right]/[wrong] spirit =   interpretar bien/mal algo
k. [that'noun] the spirit! =   ¡así me gusta!,   ¡ánimo!
5. (=essence)
a. [of agreement, law]   especiallyíritu (m)
b. the spirit of the [age]/the [times] =   el especiallyíritu de la época/de los tiempos
c. the spirit of the [law] =   el especiallyíritu de la ley
6. (=person)   alma (f)
·the leading or moving spirit in the party
·el alma del partido,   la figura masculineánoun destacada del partido
a. she was a [free] spirit =   era una persona sin convencionalismos
7. spirits
7.1. (=state of mind)
a. to be in [good] spirits =   tener la moral alta
b. to be in [high] spirits =   estar animadísimo,   estar muy alegre
·it was just a case of youthful high spirits
·no fue masculineánoun que una demostraciónoun típica del comportamiento impetuoso de la juventud
c. I tried to [keep] his spirits up =   intenté animarlo or darle ánimos
·we kept our spirits up by singing
·mantuvimos la moral alta cantando
d. to [lift] or [raise] somebody'noun spirits =   levantar el ánimo or la moral a somebody, someone
e. to be in [low] spirits =   tener la moral baja,   estar bajo de moral
f. my spirits [rose] somewhat =   se me levantó un poco el ánimo or la moral
7.2. (=alcohol)   licores masculine plural
·I keep off spirits
·no bebo licores
·a measure of spirits
·un (vasito de) licor
·spirits of wine
especiallyíritu (m) de vino
8. (chemistry)   alcohol (m)
B. -transitive verb
·to spirit something [away]
·llevarse algo como por arte de magia,   hacer desaparecer algo
·he was spirited [out of] the country
·lo sacaron del paínoun clandestinamente or de forma clandestina
C. -compound
·spirit duplicator   -noun   copiadora (f) al alcohol
·spirit gum   -noun   cola (f) de maquillaje
·spirit lamp   -noun   lamparilla (f) de alcohol
·spirit level   -noun   nivel (m) de burbuja
·spirit stove   -noun   infernillo (m) de alcohol
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