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soft / blando
soft   [sɒft]
A. -adjective
softer   comparative
softest   superlative
1. (=not hard)   [ground, water, cheese, pencil, contact lens]   blando   [bed, mattress, pillow]   blando,   mullido   [metal]   maleable,   dúctil   pejorative   [muscles, flesh]   blando
·to [go] soft
[biscuits etcetera]   ablandarse
·his muscles have gone soft
·sus masculineúsculos han perdido su fuerza,   se le han ablandado los masculineúsculos
2. (=smooth)   [skin, hair, fur, fabric, texture]   suave
·to [make] soft
[+skin, clothes]   suavizar
[+leather]   ablandar
3. (=gentle, not harsh)   [breeze, landing]   suave   [accent]   ligero,   leve   [music]   suave   [light]   tenue   [colour]   delicado   [line]   difuminado
·in soft [focus]
·soft [lighting]
luz (f) tenue
4. (=quiet)   [whisper, laugh, step]   suave   [whistle]   flojo   [voice]   suave,   tenue
·his voice was so soft she scarcely heard it
·hablaba tan bajito que apenas le oía
·the music is too soft
·esta masculineúsica está demasiado baja
5. (=kind)   [smile, person]   dulce   [words]   tierno,   dulce
·to have a soft [heart]
·ser todo corazónoun
6. (=lenient, weak)   blando
·the soft [left]
(politics)   la izquierda moderada,   el centro-izquierda
·to take a soft [line] against something
·adoptar una línea suave en contra de algo
·to be (too) soft [on]/[with] something/somebody
·ser (demasiado) blando or indulgente con algo/somebody, someone
7. (=easy)   feminineácil
·soft [job]   chollo (m) Spain Spain,   trabajo (m) feminineácil
·soft [option]
camino (m) feminineácil
·soft [target]
blanco (m) feminineácil
8. *
(=foolish)   bobo *,   tonto
·you must be soft!
·¡tú eres tonto!,   ¡has perdido el juicio!
·to be soft in the [head]
ser un poco bobo *
9. (=fond)
·to be soft [on] somebody
·sentir afecto por somebody, someone
·to have a soft [spot] for somebody
·tener debilidad por somebody, someone
10. (linguistics)   débil
11. (economy)   [prices, economy]   débil   [sales, market, growth]   flojo
B. -compound   [currency, drug, fruit]   blando
·soft brown sugar   -noun   azúcar (f) morena blanda,   azúcar (m) moreno blando
·soft centre   -noun   relleno (m) blando
·soft commodities   -noun plural   (finance)   bienes masculine plural perecederos,   bienes masculine plural no durables
·soft copy   -noun   (computing)   copia (f) transitoria
·soft drink   -noun   bebida (f) refrescante,   refresco (m)
·soft furnishings   -noun plural   textiles masculine plural
·soft goods   -noun plural   (commerce)   géneros masculine plural textiles,   tejidos masculine plural
·soft money   -noun
(United States)   papel (m) moneda
·soft palate   -noun   (anatomy)   velo (m) del paladar
·soft pedal   -noun   (music)   pedal (m) suave
·soft porn
·soft pornography   -noun   pornografía (f) blanda
·soft sell   -noun   venta (f) por persuasiónoun
·soft soap   *   -noun   coba (m) / coba feminine (f)
·to give somebody soft soap
dar coba a somebody, someone *
·soft top   -noun
(especially United States)   descapotable (m)
·soft toy   -noun   juguete (m) de peluche
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