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snatch / arrebatamiento
snatch   [snætʃ]
A. -noun
1. (=act of snatching)   arrebatamiento (m)
·to make a snatch at something
·intentar arrebatar or agarrar algo
2. *
(=theft)   robo (m),   hurto (m)
(=kidnapping)   secuestro (m)
·jewellery snatch
robo or hurto
3. (=snippet)   trocito (m)
·to whistle snatches of Mozart
·silbar trocitos de Mozart
·snatches of conversation
fragmentos masculine plural de conversaciónoun
·to sleep in snatches
·dormir a ratos
4. ***
(=vagina)   coño *** (m)
B. -transitive verb
1. (=grab)   arrebatar
·to snatch something from somebody
·arrebatar algo a somebody, someone
·he snatched the keys from my hand
·me arrebató las llaves de la mano
·to snatch a knife out of somebody'noun hand
·arrebatarle or arrancarle un cuchillo a somebody, someone de las manos
·to snatch a meal
·comer a la carrera
·to snatch some sleep
·buscar tiempo para dormir
·to snatch an opportunity
·asir una ocasiónoun
·to snatch an hour of happiness
·procurarse (a pesar de todo) una hora de felicidad
2. (=steal)   robar
(=kidnap)   secuestrar
·my bag was snatched
·me robaron el bolso
C. -intransitive verb
·don't snatch!
·¡no me lo quites!
·to snatch at something
(literally, figurative)   intentar agarrar algo
D. -compound
·snatch squad   -noun   unidad (f) de arresto
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