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shoe / zapato
shoe   [ʃu:]
shod   verb: past tense   past participle
A. -noun
1. (=footwear)   zapato (m)   (for horse)   herradura (f)
·to put on one'noun shoes
·ponerse los zapatos,   calzarse formal usage
·to take off one'noun shoes
·quitarse los zapatos,   descalzarse formal usage
a. I wouldn't like to be in his shoes   no quisiera estar en su lugar or pellejo
b. if I were in your shoes   si yo estuviese en tu lugar,   yo que
c. to step into somebody'noun shoes   pasar a ocupar el puesto de somebody, someone
d. to be waiting for dead men'noun shoes   esperar a que muera somebody, someone (para pasar luego a ocupar su puesto)
2. (automobiles)   also brake shoe   zapata (f)
B. -transitive verb
[+horse]   herrar
C. -compound
·shoe box   -noun   caja (f) de zapatos
·shoe brush   -noun   cepillo (m) para zapatos
·shoe cream   -noun   crema (f) de zapatos,   crema (f) para el calzado
·shoe leather   -noun   cuero (m) para zapatos
a. to wear out one'noun shoe leather   gastarse el calzado
·I wore out a lot of shoe leather
·it cost me a lot in shoe leather
·tuve que andar lo masculineío,   tuve que recorrer mucho camino
·shoe polish   -noun   betúnoun (m),   lustre (m) Latin America
·shoe repairer   -noun   zapateroa masculine/feminine remendónouna
·shoe repairs   -noun plural   reparaciónoun feminine singular de zapatos,   reparaciónoun feminine singular de calzado
·shoe shop   -noun   zapatería (f)
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