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shocking / pésimo
shocking   [ˈʃɒkɪŋ]
A. -adjective
1. (=extremely bad)   [weather, performance, handwriting]   pésimo,   espantoso
·she has shocking taste
·tiene un pésimo gusto
·to be in a shocking [state]
·estar en un pésimo estado,   estar en un estado penoso
2. (=appalling)   [news, sight, murder]   espeluznante,   espantoso
·the shocking [truth]
·la sobrecogedora verdad
3. (=outrageous)   [book, film, act]   escandaloso
·it was shocking how badly paid these young girls were
·era de escándalo or era escandaloso lo mal que se pagaba a estas chicas
·it'noun shocking to think that ...
·escandaliza pensar que ...
B. -compound
·shocking pink   -noun   rosa (m) estridente,   rosa (m) fosforito
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