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shed / despojarse de
shed   1   [ʃed]
shed   past tense   past participle   -transitive verb
1. (=get rid of)
[+clothes, fur, leaves, skin]   despojarse de
[+jobs]   suprimir,   recortar
·our dog sheds hair all over the carpet
·nuestro perro va soltando pelo por toda la moqueta
·to shed one'noun clothes
·desvestirse,   quitarse la ropa,   despojarse de la ropa formal usage
·the roof is built to shed water
·el techo está construido para que el agua no quede en él
·the lorry shed its load
·la carga cayó del camiónoun
·to shed one'noun inhibitions
2. [+tears, blood]   derramar
·the shedding of innocent blood
·el derramamiento de sangre inocente
·those heroes that shed their blood in the cause of freedom
·aquellos héroes que entregaron sus vidas en pro de la libertad
3. (=send out)
[+warmth]   dar
[+light]   echar
a. to shed light on something   (figurative)   arrojar luz sobre algo
shed / cobertizo
shed   2   [ʃed]   -noun   (in garden)   cobertizo (m),   galpónoun (m) Southern Cone   (for cattle)   establo (m)   (industry, railways)   nave (f)
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