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she / ella
she   [ʃi:]
A. -personal pronoun
1. (emphatic, to avoid ambiguity)   ella
·we went to the cinema but she didn't
·nosotros fuimos al cine pero ella no
·it'noun she who ...
·es ella quien ...
·you've got more money [than] she has
·tienes masculineánoun dinero que ella
Don't translate the subject pronoun when not emphasizing or clarifying:
·she'noun very nice
·es muy maja
·she'noun a teacher
·es profesora
2. formal usage
·she who wishes to ...
·quien desee ...,   la que desee ...
B. -noun
·it'noun a she
(=animal)   es hembra
(=baby)   es una niña
C. -compound
·she-bear   -noun   osa (f)
·she-cat   -noun   gata (f)
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