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shape / forma
shape   [ʃeɪp]
A. -noun
1. (=outline)   forma (f),   figura (f)
a. [of person]   silueta (f),   figura (f)
·what shape is it?
·¿de qué forma es?
·all shapes and sizes
·todas las formas
·universities come in all shapes and sizes
(figurative)   hay universidades de todo tipo
b. it is rectangular [in] shape =   es de forma rectangular
·in the shape of ...
(figurative)   en forma de ...
c. to bend or twist something [into] shape =   dar forma a algo doblándolo
·to hammer something [into] shape
·dar forma a algo a martillazos
d. to [lose] its shape
[sweater etcetera]   perder la forma
e. to bend or twist something [out of] shape =   deformar algo doblándolo
f. to [take] shape =   cobrar forma
·to take the shape of something
·cobrar or tomar la forma de algo
2. (=undefined object)   forma (f),   bulto (m)
(=striking object)   figura (f)
·a shape loomed up out of the fog/darkness
·una forma or un bulto surgió de la niebla/la oscuridad
·the great grey shape of a tank rolled out of the village
·la imponente figura gris de un tanque salió del pueblo
3. (=nature, appearance)   estructura (f),   configuraciónoun (f)
·the future shape of industry
·la futura estructura or configuraciónoun de la industria
·I can't bear gardening in any shape or form
·no aguanto la jardinería bajo ningúnoun concepto
·the shape of things to come
·lo que nos depara el mañana
a. to [take] shape =   tomar forma
4. (=mould)   molde (m)
·use star shapes to cut out the biscuits
·utilice moldes en forma de estrella para cortar las galletas
5. (=condition)   forma (f) (feminineísica),   estado (m) feminineísico
a. to be in [bad] shape
[person]   estar en mala forma (feminineísica)
[object]   estar en mal estado
b. to be in [good] shape
[person]   estar en buena forma (feminineísica)
[object]   estar en buen estado
c. to be [in] shape
[person]   estar en buena forma
d. to get o.noun. [into] shape =   ponerse en forma
e. to [keep] in shape =   mantenerse en forma
f. to [knock] or [lick] something/somebody into shape   (figurative)   poner algo/a somebody, someone a punto
g. to be [out] of shape
[person]   estar en mala forma
h. to [whip] something/somebody into shape   to knock or lick something/somebody into shape
B. -transitive verb
1. (literally)
(=mould)   dar forma a,   formar
2. (figurative)
(=influence, determine)   conformar,   determinar
·the forces that have shaped the 20th century
·los elementos que han conformado or configurado el siglo XX
·democracy is shaping the future of Western Europe
·la democracia está determinando el futuro de Europa Occidental
3. (=prepare)
[+plan]   trazar
·to shape a plan of action
·trazar un plan de acciónoun
-noun abbreviation
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
cuartel general de las fuerzas aliadas en Europa
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