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shame / vergüenza
shame   [ʃeɪm]
A. -noun
1. (=guilt)   vergüenza (f),   pena (f) Latin America
·she has no sense of shame
·no tiene vergüenza ninguna
·to [put] somebody to shame
(figurative)   poner a somebody, someone en evidencia
·to [put] something to shame
(figurative)   dejar algo en la sombra
·the shame of it!
·¡qué vergüenza!
·shame (on you)!
·¡qué vergüenza!,   ¡vergüenza debería darte!
2. (=loss of respect)   deshonra (f)
·to [bring] shame upon somebody
·deshonrar a somebody, someone
3. (=pity)   lástima (f),   pena (f)
·it'noun a shame that ...
es una lástima or pena que + subjunctive
·what a shame!
·¡qué lástima!,   ¡qué pena!
B. -transitive verb
1. (=cause to feel shame)   avergonzar
·to shame somebody [into]/[out of] doing something
·hacer avergonzarse a somebody, someone para que haga/no haga algo
2. (=cause loss of respect for)   deshonrar
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