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shade / sombra
shade   [ʃeɪd]
A. -noun
1. (=area of darkness)   sombra (f)
·in the shade
·a la sombra
·35 degrees in the shade
·35 grados a la sombra
·to put [somebody] in the shade
(figurative)   hacer sombra a somebody, someone
·to put [something] in the shade
(figurative)   dejar algo en la sombra
2. [of colour]   tono (m),   matiz (m)   (figurative)
b. [of meaning, opinion]   matiz (m)
·all shades of opinion are represented
·está representada la gama entera de opiniones
3. (Art)   sombra (f)
4. shades   *
(=sunglasses)   gafas feminine plural de sol
5. (=lampshade)   pantalla (f)
(=eye-shade)   visera (f)
(United States)
(=blind)   persiana (f)
6. (=small quantity)   poquito (m),   tantito (m) Latin America
·just a shade more
·un poquito masculineánoun
7. literary
(=ghost)   fantasma (m)
8. (=reminder)
·shades of Professor Dodd!
·¡eso recuerda al profesor Dodd!
B. -transitive verb
1. (=protect from light)   dar sombra a
·the beaches are shaded by palm trees
·las palmeras dan sombra a las playas
·she put up her hand to shade her eyes (from the sun)
·levantó la mano para protegerse los ojos (del sol)
2. (Art)
(=shade in)   sombrear
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