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severe / grave
severe   [sɪˈvɪər]   -adjective
severer   comparative
severest   superlative
1. (=serious)   [problem, consequence, damage]   grave,   serio   [injury, illness]   grave   [defeat, setback, shortage]   serio   [blow, reprimand]   fuerte,   duro   [pain, headache]   fuerte
·I suffered from severe bouts of depression
·padecía profundas or serias depresiones
·many families suffered severe [hardship] as a consequence
·muchas familias sufrieron enormes penurias a consecuencia de ello
·we have been under severe [pressure] to cut costs
·nos han presionado mucho para reducir gastos
·to suffer a severe [loss] of blood
·sufrir gran pérdida de sangre
·severe [losses]
(finance)   enormes or cuantiosas pérdidas feminine plural
2. (=harsh)   [weather, conditions, winter]   duro,   riguroso   [cold]   extremo   [storm, flooding, frost]   fuerte
3. (=strict)   [person, penalty]   severo   [discipline]   estricto
·I was his severest critic
·yo era su crítico masculineánoun severo
·to be severe [with] somebody
·ser severo con somebody, someone
4. (=austere)   [person, appearance, expression]   severo,   adusto   [clothes, style]   austero   [hairstyle]   (de corte) serio   [architecture]   sobrio
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