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sell / vender
sell   [sel]
sold   past tense   past participle
A. -transitive verb   vender
·do you sell flowers?
·¿vende flores?
·to sell something to somebody
·vender algo a somebody, someone
·he sold it to me
·me lo vendió
·I was sold this in London
·me vendieron esto en Londres
·you've been sold
(figurative)   te han dado gato por liebre
a. to sell something [for] £1 =   vender algo por una libra
b. he doesn't sell [himself] very well =   no es capaz de causar buena impresiónoun,   no convence mucho
c. to sell somebody an [idea]   (figurative)   convencer a somebody, someone de una idea
d. to be sold [on] something/somebody   *   estar cautivado por algo/somebody, someone
·I'masculine not exactly sold on the idea
·no me entusiasma la idea,   para masculineí la idea deja mucho que desear
e. to sell somebody into [slavery] =   vender a somebody, someone como esclavo
f. to sell somebody down the river   traicionar a somebody, someone
B. -intransitive verb
1. [merchandise]   venderse
·these sell at 15p
·éstos se venden a 15 peniques
·this line just isn't selling
·esta línea no tiene demanda
·it sells well
·se vende bien
·the idea didn't sell
(figurative)   la idea no convenció
2. (=person)
·the owner seemed a bit reluctant to sell
·parecía que el dueño estaba un poco reacio a vender
C. -noun
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