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seize / coger
seize   [si:z]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=physically take hold of)   coger,   agarrar
·to seize hold of something/somebody
·coger or agarrar algo/a somebody, someone
·to seize somebody by the arm
·coger or agarrar a somebody, someone por el brazo
2. (=capture)
[+person]   detener
[+territory]   apoderarse de
[+power]   tomar,   hacerse con
3. (law, legal)
[+property]   incautar,   embargar
4. (=kidnap)   secuestrar
5. (figurative)
[+opportunity]   aprovechar
·to be seized with fear/rage
·estar sobrecogido por el miedo/la cólera
·he was seized with a desire to leave
·el deseo de marcharse se apoderó de él
B. -intransitive verb
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