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seis / six
A. -adjective invariable   -pronoun   (generally)   six   (ordinal, en la fecha)   sixth
·seis [mil]
·six thousand
·tiene seis años
·she is six (years old)
·un niño de seis años
·a six-year-old (child),   a child of six
·son las seis
·it'noun six o'clock
·son las cinco menos seis
·it'noun six minutes to five
·nos fuimos los seis al cine
·all six of us went to the cinema
·somos seis para comer
·there are six of us for dinner
·unos seis
·about six
·le escribí el día seis
·I wrote to him on the sixth
·en la página seis
·on page six
B. -noun masculine invariable
(=nounúmero)   six
(=fecha)   sixth
·dos masculineánoun cuatro son seis
·two plus four are six
·hoy es seis
·today is the sixth
·llega el seis de agosto
·he arrives on the sixth of August o on August the sixth
·vive en el seis
·he lives at number six
·el seis de corazones
·the six of hearts
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