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see / ver
see   1   [si:]
saw   past tense
seen   past participle   -transitive verb   -intransitive verb
1. (generally)   ver
·I saw him yesterday
·lo intransitive verb ayer
·I can't see
·no veo nada
·to see somebody do or doing something
·ver a somebody, someone hacer algo
·I saw him coming
·lo intransitive verb venir
·(go and) see who'noun at the door
·ve a ver quiénoun llama (a la puerta)
·he was seen to fall
·se le vio caer
·I saw it done in 1988
·lo intransitive verb hacer en 1988
·see page eight
·véase la página ocho
·did you see that Queen Anne is dead?
·¿has oído que ha muerto la reina Ana?
a. he'noun seen it [all] =   está de vuelta de todo
b. there was nobody to [be] seen =   no se veía ni nadie
·there was not a house to be seen
·no se veía ni una sola casa
c. as you [can] see =   como ves
·as far as the eye can see
·hasta donde alcanza la vista
·from here you can see for miles
·desde aquí se ve muy lejos
d. I'll see him [damned] first =   antes le veré colgado
e. I never thought I'd see the [day] when ... =   nunca pensé ver el día en que ...
·this car has seen [better] days
·este coche ha conocido mejores tiempos
f. this dress isn't [fit] to be seen =   este vestido no se puede ver
·he'noun not fit to be seen in public
·no se le puede presentar a los ojos del público
g. see [for] yourself =   velo
h. I'll [go] and see =   voy a ver
i. now see [here]!   (in anger)   ¡mira!,   ¡oiga!,   ¡escuche!
j. I see nothing wrong [in] it =   no le encuentro nada malo
·I don't know what she sees in him
·no nouné lo que encuentra en él
·I see in the paper that ...
·sale en el periódico que ...
k. [let] me see
l. [let'noun] see
(=show me/us)   a ver
(=let me/us think)   vamos a ver
m. she'noun certainly seeing [life] =   es seguro que está viendo muchas cosas
n. we'll not see his [like] again =   no veremos otro como él
o. he'noun seen a [lot] of the world =   ha visto mucho mundo
p. [so] I see =   ya lo veo
q. I must be seeing [things]   *   estoy viendo visiones
r. I can't see [to] read =   no veo lo suficiente para leer
s. can you see your [way] to helping us?   (figurative)   ¿nos hace el favor de ayudarnos?
t. [we'll] see =   ya veremos,   a ver
u. I'll see [what] I can do =   veré si puedo hacer algo
v. she [won't] see 40 again =   los 40 ya no los cumple
2. (=visit, meet)   ver,   visitar
(=have an interview with)   tener una entrevista con,   entrevistarse con
·the minister saw the Queen yesterday
·el ministro se entrevistó or tuvo una entrevista con la Reina ayer
·I'masculine afraid I can't see you tomorrow
·lamento no poder verle mañana
a. I want to see you [about] my daughter =   quiero hablar con usted acerca de mi hija
·what did he want to see you about?
·¿qué asunto quería discutir contigo?,   ¿qué motivo tuvo su visita?
b. we'll be seeing them for [dinner] =   vamos a cenar con ellos
c. to see the [doctor] =   ir a ver al masculineédico,   consultar al masculineédico
·you need to see a doctor
·tienes que ir a ver or consultar a un masculineédico
d. to [go] and see somebody =   ir a ver a somebody, someone   (a friend)   visitar a somebody, someone
e. we don't see [much] of them nowadays =   ahora les vemos bastante poco
f. see [you]!   *   chau *
·see you on Sunday!
·¡hasta el domingo!
·see you tomorrow!
·¡hasta mañana!
·see you [later]!
·¡hasta luego!
·see you [soon]!
·¡hasta pronto!
3. (=understand, perceive)   entender
·I see
·lo veo
·I see!
·ya entiendo
·this is how I see it
·éste es mi modo de entenderlo,   yo lo entiendo así
·I saw only too clearly that ...
·percibí claramente que ...
·it'noun all over, see?
*   se acabó, ¿entiendes?
a. I [can't] or [don't] see why/how etcetera ... =   no veo or entiendo por qué/cómo etcetera ...
·I don't see it, myself
·yo no creo que sea posible
·he'noun dead, don't you see?
·está muerto, ¿me entiendes?
b. the Russians see it [differently] =   los rusos lo miran desde otro punto de vista,   el criterio de los rusos es distinto
c. I [fail] to see how =   no comprendo or entiendo cómo
d. as [far] as I can see =   por lo visto,   por lo que yo veo
e. the [way] I see it =   a mi parecer
4. (=accompany)   acompañar
a. he was so drunk we had to see him to [bed] =   estaba tan borracho que tuvimos que llevarle a la cama
b. to see somebody to the [door] =   acompañar a somebody, someone a la puerta
c. to see somebody [home] =   acompañar a somebody, someone a casa
·may I see you home?
·¿puedo acompañarte a casa?
5. (=try)   procurar
·see [if] ...
·ve a ver si ...,   mira a ver si ...
6. (=imagine)   imaginarse
·I can just see him as a teacher
·me lo imagino de profesor
·I don't see her as a minister
·no la veo or no me la imagino de ministra
·I can't see myself doing that
·no me imagino con capacidad para hacer eso
·I can't really see myself being elected
·en realidad no creo que me vayan a elegir
·I can't see him winning
·me parece imposible que gane
7. (=ensure)
·to see (to it) that
procurar que + subjunctive
·see [that] he has all he needs
·procura que tenga todo lo que necesita
·to see that something is done
·procurar que algo se haga
·see that you have it ready for Monday
·procura tenerlo listo para el lunes
·see that it does not happen again
·y que no vuelva a ocurrir
see / sede
(religion)   sede (f)
. [of archbishop]   arzobispado (m)
. [of bishop]   obispado (m)
·the Holy See
·la Santa Sede
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