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secret / secreto
secret   [ˈsi:krɪt]
A. -adjective   [plan, ingredient, admirer, mission]   secreto   [information, document]   secreto,   confidencial   [drinker, drug addict]   a escondidas
a. it'noun all [highly] secret =   todo es de lo masculineánoun secreto
b. to [keep] something secret =   mantener algo en secreto
·to [keep] something secret [from] somebody
·ocultar algo a somebody, someone
c. they held a secret [meeting] =   mantuvieron una reuniónoun en secreto
B. -noun   secreto (m)
·the secrets of nature
·los misterios de la naturaleza
a. to do something [in] secret =   hacer algo en secreto or a escondidas
b. to be [in on] the secret =   estar en el secreto,   estar al corriente
c. to [keep] a secret =   guardar un secreto
·to [keep] something a secret [from] somebody
·ocultar algo a somebody, someone
d. to [let] somebody into a/the secret =   contar or revelar a somebody, someone un/el secreto
e. it'noun [no] secret that ... =   no es ningúnoun secreto que ...
·there'noun no secret about it
·esto no tiene nada de secreto
·to have no secrets from somebody
·no tener secretos para somebody, someone
·to make no secret of something
·no ocultar algo
f. to [remain] a secret =   seguir siendo un secreto
g. to [tell] somebody a secret =   contar un secreto a somebody, someone
h. [the] secret
·the secret is to
+ INFIN   el secreto consiste en + infinitive
·the secret of success
·el secreto del éxito
C. -compound
·secret agent   -noun   agente $ secreto (m) / agente $ secretmasculine and feminine (f),   especiallyía masculine and feminine
·secret drawer   -noun   cajónoun (m) secreto or oculto
·secret police   -noun   policía (f) secreta
·secret service   -noun   servicio (m) secreto
·secret society   -noun   sociedad (f) secreta
·secret weapon   -noun   (literally, figurative)   arma (f) secreta
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