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se / him
se   -pronoun personal
1. (complemento indirecto)
1.1. (a él)   him   (a ella)   her   (a ellos)   them   (a usted, ustedes)   you
·voy a dárselo
·I'll give it to him o her o them o you
·ya se lo dije
·I (already) told him o her o them o you
·he hablado con mis padres y se lo he explicado
·I've talked to my parents and explained it to them
·aquí tiene las flores, ¿se las envuelvo, señor?
·here are your flowers, shall I wrap them for you, sir?
·no lo tenemos, pero se lo puedo encargar
·we haven't got it, but I can order it for you
1.2. (con doble complemento indirecto)
·dáselo a Enrique
·give it to Enrique
·¿se lo has preguntado a tus padres?
·have you asked your parents about it?
1.3. (con partes del cuerpo, ropa)
·se rompió la pierna
·he broke his leg
·Pablo se lavó los dientes
·Pablo cleaned his teeth
·Carmen no podía abrocharse el vestido
·Carmen couldn't do up her dress
·han prometido no cortarse la barba
·they have sworn not to cut their beards
·tiene que cortarse el pelo
·he must have a haircut
1.4. (uso enfático)
·se comió un pastel
·he ate a cake
·no se esperaba eso
·he didn't expect that
2. (uso reflexivo)
2.1. (masculino)   himself   (femenino)   herself   (plural)   themselves   (de usted)   yourself   (de ustedes)   yourselves   (sujeto no humano)   itself
·Marcos se ha cortado con un cristal
·Marcos cut himself on a piece of broken glass
·Margarita se estaba preparando para salir
·Margarita was getting (herself) ready to go out
·¿se ha hecho usted daño?
·have you hurt yourself?
·se tiraron al suelo
·they threw themselves to the ground
·la calefacciónoun se apaga sola
·the heating turns itself off automatically
·se está afeitando
·he'noun shaving
·sit down
·nounírvase esperar un momento
·please wait a moment
·to get dressed
2.2. (indefinido)   oneself
·mirarse en el espejo
·to look at oneself in the mirror
3. (como parte de un verbo pronominal)
·se durmió
·he fell asleep
·se enfadó
·he got annoyed
·se marchó
·he left
·mi hermana nunca se queja
·my sister never complains
·se retira
·he withdraws
4. (uso recíproco)   each other,   one another
·se escriben a menudo
·they write to each other often
·se quieren
·they love each other
·hace un año que no se ven
·it'noun a year since they last saw each other
·procuran no encontrarse
·they try not to meet each other
·se miraron todos
·they all looked at one another
·no se hablan
·they are not on speaking terms
5. (uso impersonal)
5.1. (con sujeto indeterminado)
·se registraron nueve muertos
·there were nine deaths,   nine deaths were recorded
·se dice que es muy rico
·he'noun said to be very rich
·no se sabe por qué
·it is not known o people don't know why
·se compró hace tres años
·it was bought three years ago
·en esa zona se habla galénoun
·Welsh is spoken in that area,   people speak Welsh in that area
·se cree que el tabaco produce cáncer
·it is believed that smoking causes cancer
5.2. (referido al hablante)
·no se oye bien
·you can't hear very well
·es lo que pasa cuando se come tan deprisa
·that'noun what happens when you eat so fast
·¿cómo se dice eso en inglénoun?
·how do you say that in English?
·se está bien aquí
·it'noun nice here
·se hace lo que se puede
·we do what we can
·se admiten sugerencias
·we welcome suggestions
·"véndese coche"
·"car for sale"
·se avisa a los interesados que ...
·those concerned are informed that ...
5.3. (en recetas, instrucciones)
·se pelan las patatas
·peel the potatoes
·"nounírvase muy frío"
·"serve chilled"
·no se admiten visitas
·no visitors
·se prohíbe fumar
·no smoking
sudeste   SE
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