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screw / tornillo
screw   [skru:]
A. -noun   tornillo (m)
a. he'noun got a screw loose   *   le falta un tornillo
b. to put the screws on somebody   *   apretar las clavijas a somebody, someone,   presionar a somebody, someone
2. (aeronautics, nautical)   hélice (f)
3. **
(=prison officer)   carcelero (m) / carcelera (f)
4. ***
(=sexual intercourse)   polvo *** (m)
B. -transitive verb
1. [+screw]   atornillar
[+nut]   apretar
[+lid]   dar vueltas a,   enroscar
·to screw something down
·fijar algo con tornillos
·to screw something to the wall
·fijar algo a la pared con tornillos
·to screw something (in) tight
·atornillar algo bien fuerte
·to screw money out of somebody
*   sacarle dinero a somebody, someone
·to screw the truth out of somebody
*   arrancarle la verdad a somebody, someone
2. ***
(=have sex with)   joder ***
·screw the cost, it'noun got to be done!
(figurative)   ¡a la porra el gasto, tiene que hacerse!
3. *
(=defraud)   timar,   estafar
C. -intransitive verb   ***   joder ***,   echar un polvo ***,   coger Latin America Latin America,   chingar Mexico Mexico
D. -compound
·screw top   -noun   tapa (f) de tornillo
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