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route / ruta
route   [ru:t]
A. -noun
1. (generally)   ruta (f),   camino (m)
a. [of bus]   recorrido (m)
b. [of ship]   rumbo (m),   derrota (f)
(=itinerary)   itinerario (m)
(=direction)   rumbo (m)
·Route 31
(United States)   Ruta 31
·the route to the coast
·el camino de la costa
·to go by a new route
·seguir una ruta nueva
·shipping route
vía (f) marítima
·air route
ruta (f) aérea
2. (United States)   [ru:t,raʊt]
(=delivery round)   recorrido (m)
B. -transitive verb   fijar el itinerario de   (computing)   encaminar
·the train is now routed through Derby
·ahora el tren pasa por Derby
C. -compound
·route map   -noun   mapa (m) de carreteras
·route march   -noun   marcha (f) de entrenamiento
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