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roar / rugido
roar   [rɔ:r]
A. -noun
1. [of animal]   rugido (m),   bramido (m)
b. [of person]   rugido (m)
c. [of crowd]   clamor (m)
d. [of laughter]   carcajada (f)
·with great roars of laughter
·con grandes carcajadas
·he said with a roar
·dijo rugiendo
2. (=loud noise)   estruendo (m),   fragor (m)
a. [of fire]   crepitaciónoun (f)
b. [of river, storm etcetera]   estruendo (m)
B. -intransitive verb
1. [animal]   rugir,   bramar
[crowd, audience]   clamar
·to roar (with laughter)
·reírse a carcajadas
·this will make you roar
·con esto os vais a morir de risa
·to roar with pain
·rugir de dolor
2. [guns, thunder]   retumbar
·the lorry roared past
·el camiónoun pasó ruidosamente
C. -transitive verb   rugir,   decir a gritos
·to roar one'noun disapproval
·manifestar su disconformidad a gritos
·he roared out an order
·lanzó una orden a voz en grito
·to roar o.noun. hoarse
·ponerse ronco gritando,   gritar hasta enronquecerse
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