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rip / rasgón
rip   [rɪp]
A. -noun   rasgónoun (m),   desgarrónoun (m)
B. -transitive verb   rasgar,   desgarrar
·to rip open
[+envelope, parcel, wound]   abrir desgarrando
·to rip something to pieces
·hacer algo trizas
C. -intransitive verb
1. [cloth]   rasgarse,   desgarrarse
2. *   (figurative)
·to rip along
·volar,   ir a todo gas
·to let rip
·to let rip at somebody
·arremeter contra somebody, someone
·let her rip!
·¡masculineánoun rápido!,   ¡masculineánoun gas! *
RIP / q.e.p.d.
requiescat in pace
(=may he etcetera rest in peace)   q.e.p.d.,   D.E.P.,   E.P.D.
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