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ring / anillo
ring   1   [rɪŋ]
A. -noun
1. (on finger)   (plain)   anillo (m)   (jewelled)   anillo (m),   sortija (f)   (in nose)   arete (m),   aro (m)   (on bird'noun leg, for curtain)   anilla (f)   (for napkin)   servilletero (m)   (on stove)   quemador (m),   hornillo (m)   (for swimmer)   flotador (m)   rings   (Gymnastics)   anillas feminine plural
·electric ring   quemador (m) eléctrico,   hornillo (m) eléctrico
·gas ring
fuego (m) de gas
·onion rings
aros masculine plural de cebolla rebozados
·pineapple rings
rodajas feminine plural de piña
2. (=circle)
a. [of people]   círculo (m)   (in game, dance)   corro (m)
b. [of objects]   anillo (m)   (in water)   onda (f)   (around planet, on tree, of smoke)   anillo (m)   (around bathtub)   cerco (m)
·to stand/sit in a ring
·ponerse/sentarse en círculo
·a ring of hills
·un anillo de colinas
·he always leaves a dirty ring round the bath
·siempre deja un cerco de suciedad en la bañera
·to have rings round one'noun eyes
·tener ojeras
·the rings of Saturn
·los anillos de Saturno
c. to run rings round somebody   dar mil vueltas a somebody, someone *
3. (=group)
a. [of criminals, drug dealers]   banda (f),   red (f)
b. [of spies]   red (f)   (commerce)   cartel (m),   cártel (m)
4. (=arena)   (Boxing)   cuadrilátero (m),   ring (m)   (at circus)   pista (f)
(=bullring)   ruedo (m),   plaza (f)   (at horse race)   cercado (m),   recinto (m)   (in livestock market)   corral (m) (de exposiciones)
·the ring
(figurative)   el boxeo
a. to throw or toss one'noun hat or cap into the ring   echarse or lanzarse al ruedo
B. -transitive verb
1. (=surround)   rodear,   cercar
·the building was ringed by police
·la policía rodeaba or cercaba el edificio
·the town is ringed by hills
·la ciudad está rodeada de colinas
2. [+bird]   anillar
3. (=mark with ring)   poner un círculo a
C. -compound
·ring binder   -noun   carpeta (f) de anillas or Latin America anillos
·ring finger   -noun   (dedo (m)) anular (m)
·ring main   -noun   (electricity)   red (f) de suministro or abastecimiento
·ring road   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   carretera (f) de circunvalaciónoun,   ronda (f),   periférico (m) Latin America
·ring spanner   -noun   llave (f) dentada
ring / toque de timbre
ring   2   [rɪŋ]
rang   verb: past tense
rung   past participle
A. -noun
1. (=sound)
a. [of bell]   toque (m) de timbre   (louder, of alarm)   timbrazo (m)
b. [of voice]   timbre (m)   (metallic sound)   sonido (m) metálico
·there was a ring at the door
·llamaron al timbre de la puerta,   sonó el timbre de la puerta
·he answered the telephone on the first ring
·contestó el teléfono al primer pitido
·the familiar ring of her voice
·el timbre familiar de su voz
·the ring of sledge runners on the ice
·el sonido metálico de los trineos sobre el hielo
2. (British, Great Britain)   (telecommunications)
·to [give] somebody a ring
·llamar a somebody, someone (por teléfono),   dar un telefonazo or un toque a somebody, someone *
·I'll give you a ring
·te llamo,   te doy un telefonazo or un toque *
3. (=nuance)
·the name has a (certain) ring to it
·el nombre tiene algo
·his laugh had a hollow ring to it
·su risa tenía algo de superficial,   su risa sonaba (a) superficial
·that has the ring of truth about it
·eso suena a cierto
B. -transitive verb
1. [+doorbell, buzzer, handbell, church bell]   tocar
a. that rings a bell (with me)   eso me suena
·it doesn't ring any bells
·no me suena
b. to ring the changes
·you could ring the changes by substituting ground almonds
·podrías cambiar or variar sustituyendo la almendra molida
·he decided to ring the changes after his side'noun third consecutive defeat
·decidió cambiar de táctica tras la tercera derrota consecutiva de su equipo
2. (British, Great Britain)   (telecommunications)
[+house, office, number]   llamar a
[+person]   llamar (por teléfono) a
·you must ring the hospital
·tienes que llamar al hospital
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=make sound)
[doorbell, alarm, telephone]   sonar
[church bell]   sonar,   repicar,   tañer literary
a. to ring off the [hook]
(United States)
[telephone]   sonar constantemente,   no parar de sonar
2. (=use bell)   llamar
·you rang, madam?
·¿me llamó usted, señora?
·to ring at the door
·llamar a la puerta
·to ring for something: we'll ring for some sugar
·llamaremos para pedir azúcar
·to ring for somebody
·llamar para que venga somebody, someone
·please ring for attention
·rogamos toque el timbre para que le atiendan
3. (British, Great Britain)
(=telephone)   llamar (por teléfono)
·could someone ring for a taxi?
·¿podría alguien llamar a un taxi?
4. (=echo)   (generally)   resonar
[ears]   zumbar
·the valley rang with cries
·los gritos resonaron por el valle
·his words were ringing in my head
·sus palabras resonaban en mi cabeza
·the news set the town ringing
·la noticia causó furor en la ciudad
·the town rang with his praises
·por toda la ciudad no se oían masculineánoun que alabanzas suyas
a. to ring true/false/hollow   sonar a cierto/falso/hueco
·his suddenly friendly tone rang false
·su tono amistoso tan repentino sonaba a falso
·her story just didn't ring true
·la historia no parecía verdad
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