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reservation / reserva
reservation   [ˌrezəˈveɪʃən]
A. -noun
1. (=booking)   reserva (f)
(=seat)   plaza (f) reservada
(=table in restaurant)   mesa (f) reservada
·to make a reservation in a hotel
·reservar una habitaciónoun en un hotel
2. (=doubt)   reserva (f),   duda (f)
·I had reservations about it
·tenía ciertas dudas sobre ese punto
·with certain reservations
·con ciertas reservas
·to accept something without reservation
·aceptar algo sin reserva
3. (in contract)   salvedad (f)   (in argument)   distingo (m)
4. (=area of land)   reserva (f)
5. (on road)   mediana (f),   franja (f) central
B. -compound
·reservation desk   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   (in airport, hotels etcetera)   mostrador (m) de reservas
(United States)
(=hotel reception desk)   recepciónoun (f)
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