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regulation / norma
regulation   [ˌregjʊˈleɪʃən]
A. -noun
1. (=rule)   norma (f)
·fire regulations
normas feminine plural de seguridad contraincendios
·safety regulations
normas feminine plural de seguridad
·it'noun [against] (the) regulations
·va contra las normas or el reglamento
2. (=control)   (no plural)
a. [of industry, products, prices, temperature, level, pressure]   regulaciónoun (f)
·a body responsible for the regulation of independent television
·un organismo regulador responsable de las cadenas de televisiónoun independientes
3. (technical)
a. [of machine, mechanism]   regulaciónoun (f),   reglaje (m)
B. -compound
(=statutory)   [dress, size, haircut]   reglamentario
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