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reduce / reducir
reduce   [rɪˈdju:s]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=decrease)
[+number, costs, expenditure, inflation]   reducir
[+price]   rebajar   (industry)
[+output]   reducir,   recortar
[+speed, heat, visibility]   disminuir
[+temperature]   bajar
[+stress, tension]   reducir,   disminuir
[+pain]   aliviar
·it reduces the risk of heart disease (by 20%)
·disminuye el riesgo de enfermedades cardíacas (en un 20%)
·reduce speed now
·disminuya la velocidad
2. (=cut price of)
[+goods]   rebajar
3. (=make smaller)
[+drawing]   reducir   (medicine)
[+swelling]   bajar   (culinary, cooking )
[+sauce]   reducir
4. (=bring to specified state)
·to reduce somebody to [despair]
·llevar a somebody, someone a la desesperaciónoun
·to reduce somebody to tears
·hacer llorar a somebody, someone
·to be reduced to [penury]
·estar sumido en la miseria
·to reduce something to [ashes]/[rubble]
·reducir algo a cenizas/escombros
·to reduce somebody to [silence]
·hacer callar a somebody, someone
·we were reduced to begging on the streets
·nos vimos obligados a mendigar por las calles
5. (=capture, subjugate)   tomar,   conquistar
6. (military)
(=demote)   degradar
·to reduce somebody to the [ranks]
·degradar a somebody, someone a soldado raso
7. (=simplify)   reducir
·to reduce an argument to its simplest form
·reducir un argumento a su esencia
8. (mathematics)
[+equation, expression]   reducir
9. (chemistry)   reducir
B. -intransitive verb
1. (=decrease)   reducirse,   disminuir
2. (culinary, cooking )   espesarse
3. (=slim)   adelgazar
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