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red / rojo
red   [red]
A. -adjective
redder   comparative
reddest   superlative
1. (generally)   [apple, sweater, lips, pen]   rojo,   colorado   [flower, sky]   rojo   [wine]   tinto
·the traffic lights are red
·el semáforo está en rojo
·his eyes were red
(from crying)   tenía los ojos rojos
·the red evening sun
·el sol rojizo del atardecer
·[bright] red
·rojo fuerte or chillónoun
·[dark] red
·rojo oscuro
·[deep] red
·rojo intenso
·to have red [hair]
·ser pelirrojo
a. it'noun like a red rag to a bull   es lo que masculineánoun le saca de quicio
b. to roll out the red carpet for somebody   recibir a somebody, someone por todo lo alto or a bombo y platillo
·to give somebody the red carpet treatment
·tratar a somebody, someone a cuerpo de rey
c. not a red [cent]
(United States)   *   ni una gorda *
·red sky at night, shepherd'noun delight, red sky in the morning, shepherd'noun warning
·el cielo rojo por la noche es señal de buen tiempo, el cielo rojo por la mañana de mal tiempo
2. (=flushed)   [face, cheeks]   (with shame)   sonrojado   (with anger)   rojo   (with embarrassment)   rojo,   colorado
·to be red in the [face]
(from anger, exertion, heat)   estar rojo,   tener la cara encendida literary   (from embarrassment)   estar rojo or colorado,   tener la cara encendida literary
·to go red in the face
(from anger, exertion, heat)   ponerse rojo or colorado   (with embarrassment)   ponerse colorado   (with shame)   sonrojarse
a. to go or turn as red as a beetroot   ponerse como un tomate
3. (politics)   *   pejorative   rojo
·better red than dead
·masculineánoun vale el vivir bajo los comunistas que morir luchando contra ellos
B. -noun
1. (=colour)   (color (m)) rojo (m)
·to be dressed [in] red
·ir vestido de rojo
·it was underlined in red
·estaba subrayado en rojo
a. to be in [the] red
[account, firm]   estar en nounúmeros rojos
·I'masculine £100 in the red
·tengo un descubierto de 100 libras en el banco
·to go into or get into the red
·contraer deudas
·to get out of the red
·liquidar las deudas
b. to [see] red   sulfurarse,   salirse de sus casillas
·this makes me see red
·esto me saca de quicio
2. (politics)
(=person)   rojo (m) / roja (f)
a. reds under the bed   *   la amenaza comunista
3. (=red wine)   tinto (m)
C. -compound
·red admiral   -noun   vanesa (f) roja
·red alert   -noun   alerta (f) roja
·to be [on] red alert
·estar en alerta roja
·the Red Army   -noun   el Ejército Rojo
·red blood cell   -noun   glóbulo (m) rojo
·red cabbage   -noun   col (f) lombarda,   lombarda (f)
·red card   -noun   (football)   tarjeta (f) roja
·to show somebody the red card
·sacar a somebody, someone la tarjeta roja
(=reprimand)   llamar al orden a somebody, someone,   amonestar a somebody, someone
(=force to resign)   destituir a somebody, someone
·red cedar   -noun   cedro (m) rojo
·red cell   -noun   glóbulo (m) rojo
·Red China   -noun   China (f) comunista
·red corpuscle   -noun   corpúsculo (m) rojo
·Red Cross   -noun   Cruz (f) Roja
·red deer   -noun   ciervo (m) comúnoun
·red ensign   -noun   (nautical)   enseña (f) roja
·red eye   -noun   (photography)   ojo (m) rojo
·red flag   -noun   (on beach, etcetera)   bandera (f) roja
·red giant   -noun   (astronomy)   gigante (m) rojo
·red heat   -noun   calor (m) rojo
·red herring   -noun   (figurative)   pista (f) falsa,   despiste (m)
·Red Indian   -noun   piel roja masculine and feminine
·red lead   -noun   minio (m)
·red light   -noun   (automobiles)   luz (f) roja
·to [go through] a red light
·saltarse un semáforo en rojo
·red meat   -noun   carne (f) roja
·red mullet   -noun   salmonete (m)
·red pepper   -noun
(=capsicum)   pimiento (m) rojo,   pimiento (m) morrónoun,   pimentónoun (m) rojo Latin America
(=powder)   pimienta (f) de cayena
·Red Riding Hood   -noun   also Little Red Riding Hood   Caperucita (f) Roja
·red salmon   -noun   salmónoun (m) rojo
·Red Sea   -noun   Mar (m) Rojo
·red sea bream   -noun   besugo (m) (rojo)
·red setter   -noun   setter (m) irlandénoun
·red snapper   -noun   pargo (m)
·red spider mite   -noun   arador or ácaro
·Red Square   -noun   (in Moscow)   Plaza (f) Roja
·red squirrel   -noun   ardilla (f) roja
·red tape   -noun   trámites masculine plural,   papeleo (m)
·red wine   -noun   vino (m) tinto,   tinto (m)
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