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recommend / recomendar
recommend   [ˌrekəˈmend]   -transitive verb
1. (=advocate, speak well of)   recomendar
·to recommend somebody for a job
·recomendar a somebody, someone para un trabajo
·she comes highly recommended (by Anne)
·viene muy bien recomendada (por Anne)
·I don't recommend the pizza
·no recomiendo la pizza
·the town has much/little [to] recommend it
·el pueblo tiene mucho/poco atractivo
2. (=advise)   recomendar,   aconsejar
·what do you recommend for a sore throat?
·¿qué recomienda para el dolor de garganta?
·the recommended daily intake is ...
·el consumo diario recomendado or aconsejado es ...
·this method is not to be recommended
·este masculineétodo no es nada recomendable or aconsejable
·to recommend [doing] something
·recomendar or aconsejar hacer algo
·the doctor recommended [that] he (should) stay in bed
·el masculineédico le recomendó or aconsejó que guardara cama
·to recommend somebody [to] do something
·recomendar or aconsejar a somebody, someone hacer algo or que haga algo
·I would recommend [against] going on your own
·le recomendaría or aconsejaría no ir solo or que no fuera solo
·recommended [retail price]
precio (m) de venta al público recomendado
3. formal usage
[+person, soul]   encomendar
·I recommend him to your keeping
·se lo encomiendo
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