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raid / incursión
raid   [reɪd]
A. -noun
1. (into territory, across border)   incursiónoun (f)   (into   en)   (on specific target)   asalto (m)   (on   a)
·to carry out or make a raid on something
·asaltar algo
2. (by air)   ataque (m) (aéreo)   (on   contra),   bombardeo (m)   (on   de)
·only five aircraft returned from the raid
·solamente cinco aviones regresaron despuénoun del ataque or bombardeo
3. (by police)   redada (f)
·a police raid
·una redada policial
4. (British, Great Britain)   (by criminals)   asalto (m)   (on   a)
·a bank raid
·un asalto a un banco
·there was a raid on the jeweller'noun last night
·anoche fue asaltada la joyería
B. -transitive verb
1. (by land)
[+village]   asaltar
[+territory]   invadir,   hacer una incursiónoun en
2. (by air)   atacar,   bombardear
3. [police]   llevar a cabo una redada en
4. (British, Great Britain)
[+bank]   asaltar
5. (figurative)   humorous
·shall we raid the larder?
·¿asaltamos la despensa?
·the boys raided the orchard
·los muchachos robaron en el huerto
C. -intransitive verb   hacer incursiones
·they raided deep into enemy territory
·hicieron incursiones bien adentrados en territorio enemigo
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