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rack / escurridor
rack   1   [ræk]
A. -noun
1. (=dish rack)   escurridor (m),   escurreplatos masculine invariable
(=clothes rack)   perchero (m),   percha (f)
(=luggage rack)   (railways)   portaequipajes masculine invariable,   rejilla (f)
(=roof rack)   baca (f),   portaequipajes masculine invariable,   parrilla (f) Andes
(=mechanical rack)   cremallera (f)
·to buy clothes off the rack
(United States)   comprar ropa de percha
2. (for torture)   potro (m)
·to be on the rack
(figurative)   estar en ascuas
3. (Snooker, Pool)   triángulo (m)
B. -transitive verb
1. [pain]   atormentar
[cough]   sacudir
·to be racked by remorse
·estar atormentado por el remordimiento
·to be racked by pains
·estar atormentado por el dolor
a. to rack one'noun brains   devanarse los sesos
2. [+wine]   also rack off   trasegar
C. -compound
·rack railway   -noun   ferrocarril (m) de cremallera
·rack rent   -noun   alquiler (m) exorbitante
rack / echarse a perder
rack   2   [ræk]   -noun
·to go to rack and ruin
[building]   echarse a perder,   venirse abajo
[business]   arruinarse,   tronar Latin America
[country]   arruinarse
[person]   dejarse ir
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