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resume / reanudar
resume   [rɪˈzju:m]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=start again)
[+meeting, negotiations, session]   reanudar
[+office]   reasumir
·to resume one'noun seat
·volver al asiento
·to resume one'noun work
·reanudar el trabajo
·"now then," he resumed
·--ahora bien --dijo reanudando la conversaciónoun or su discurso
2. (=sum up)   resumir
B. -intransitive verb
[class, meeting]   reanudarse
résumé / resumen
résumé   [ˈreɪzju:meɪ]   -noun
1. (=summary)   resumen (m)
2. (United States)
(=curriculum vitae)   currículum (m) (vitae)
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