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querer / to love
Para la expresiónoun querer decir, ver la otra entrada.
A. -verbo transitivo
1. (a una persona)
(=amar)   to love
(=apreciar)   to like
·¡te quiero!
·I love you!
·quiero mucho a mis abuelos
·I love my grandparents very much
·no estoy enamorado, pero la quiero mucho
·I'masculine not in love with her, but I'masculine very fond of her
·la quiero con locura
·I'masculine madly in love with her
·me quiere ... no me quiere
(deshojando una margarita)   she loves me ... she loves me not
·en la oficina lo quieren mucho
·he is well liked at the office
a. querer [bien] a somebody, someone =   to want the best for somebody
b. [hacerse] querer por somebody, someone =   to endear o.noun. to somebody
c. querer [mal] a somebody, someone =   to wish somebody ill
d. ¡por lo que masculineánoun quieras!   (rogando)   by all that'noun sacred!   (regañando)   for Heaven'noun sake!
e. querer a somebody, someone como a la niña de sus ojos   to dote on somebody
·la quiere como a la niña de sus ojos
·she'noun the apple of his eye,   he dotes on her
2. (=desear)
2.1. [+objeto]   to want
·¿cuál quieres?
·which one do you want?
·¿qué masculineánoun quieres?
(literally)   what else do you want?   iró   what more do you want?
·hace lo que quiere
·she does what she wants o as she pleases
·se lo di, pero no lo quiso
·I gave it to him, but he didn't want (to take) it
·¡lo que quieras!
·as you wish!,   have it your own way!
·¿quieres un café?
·would you like some coffee?
a. querer [pelea] =   to be looking for trouble
b. [todo] lo que quieras
·será muy feo y todo lo que quieras, pero es muy buena persona
·he may be ugly and all that, but he'noun a very nice person
2.2. + INFIN   to want
·querer hacer algo
·to want to do something
·quiere ser ingeniero
·he wants to be an engineer
·lleva días que no quiere comer
·she'noun been off her food for several days
·¿qué quieres comer hoy?
·what would you like for dinner today?
·no quiso pagar
·he refused to pay,   he wouldn't pay
·ha querido quedarse en casa
·he preferred to stay at home
2.3. querer [que] somebody, someone haga algo =   to want somebody to do something
·no quiero que vayas
·I don't want you to go
·el destino quiso que volvieran a verse
·fate decreed that they should see each other again
·la tradiciónoun quiere que ...
·tradition has it that ...
·éste quiere que le rompan la cabeza
*   this guy is asking to get his head kicked in *
·¿quieres que me crea que solo te has bebido todo el whisky?
·are you asking me to believe that you drank all the whisky by yourself?
b. ¿qué quieres que te [diga]? =   what can I say?
c. ¿qué quieres que le [haga]?
·si se va por ahí sin hacer caso, ¿qué quieres que le haga?
·if he goes off without taking any notice, what am I supposed to do o what can I do about it?
·si estudio y no apruebo, ¿qué quieres que le haga?
·if I study and still don't pass, what can I do?
d. ¡[qué masculineánoun] quisiera yo! =   if only I could!
·¿qué masculineánoun quisiera yo que ver juntos a mis hijos?
·what more could I wish for o want than to see my children together?
3. (=tener intenciónoun de)   + INFIN
·no quería hacerte daño
·I didn't mean to hurt you
·al querer abrir la botella, saltó el tapónoun
·the cork exploded while she was trying to open the bottle
·quiso hacerlo pero no pudo
·he tried to do it but he couldn't
4. (pidiendo algo)
·quería dos kilos de patatas, por favor
·I'd like two kilos of potatoes, please,   could I have two kilos of potatoes, please?
·¿quieres darme tu nueva direcciónoun?
·would o could you give me your new address?
·¿querría participar en nuestra oferta?
·would you like to take advantage of our offer?
·¿cuánto quieren por el coche?
·what are they asking for the car?,   how much do they want for the car?
5. (=requerir)
·¿para qué me querrá?
·I wonder what he wants me for?,   what can he want me for?
·el traje quiere un sombrero ancho
·that dress needs a big hat to go with it
6. (uso impersonal)
·quería amanecer
·dawn was about to break
·quiere llover
·it looks like rain
B. -verbo intransitivo
1. (=desear)
(ofreciendo algo)   do you want some?,   would you like some?
·lo hago porque quiero
·I do it because I want to
·--¿quieres casarte conmigo? --nouní, quiero
·"will you marry me?" -- "yes, I will"
·--¿puedes enviar el correo? --como usted quiera
·"could you take the post?" -- "as you wish"
·mientras el jefe no quiera, no hay nada que hacer
·as long as the boss is opposed, there'noun nothing to be done o nothing we can do about it
a. ven [cuando] quieras =   come whenever you like
b. como quiere
·¡está como quiere!
(Spain)   **   she'noun a bit of all right! **
·tiene tanto dinero que vive como quiere
·he'noun so rich he can live as he pleases
c. quiera o no
d. quiera que no   whether he etcetera likes it or not
·quieras o no, eso cambiará nuestras vidas
·whether you like it or not, that'noun going to change our lives
·con el cambio de trabajo, quieras que no, se ha animado un poco
·you may agree or disagree, but the fact is he'noun perked up a bit since he changed jobs
·querer es poder
·where there'noun a will there'noun a way
2. (=tener intenciónoun)
·lo hizo queriendo
·he did it deliberately o on purpose
·lo hizo sin querer
·he didn't mean to do it,   he did it inadvertently
3. ·como quiera que
·donde quiera que
-verbo pronominal
·nosotros nos queremos
·we love each other
·se quieren como hermanos
·they love each other like brothers
D. -sustantivo masculino
·cosas del querer
·affairs of the heart
·dimitieron por culpa de algúnoun querer
·they resigned because of love affairs
·tener querer a
·to be fond of
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